Interpreter of the International Public Association
"Charity to Children"

I graduated from the Pedagogical institute in Brest and the state higher courses of foreign languages, Spanish department, in Moscow. I improved my knowledge of the language in Havana (Cuba) for 4 years. Now I teach the Spanish language in a grammar school in Brest. I am glad that children study the Spanish language willingly, that they are interested in the culture and traditions of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. The knowledge of foreign languages has been always considered a mark of good education and high level of culture. The study of classical and modern foreign languages is one of the best traditions of Russian education and I think it a great honor to continue this tradition. While studying a foreign language, the child acquires the versatility of development, enriches his or her knowledge of the world and people who live in this world.

The speakers of the studied language become closer and more comprehensible to him, the child absorbs this culture and enriches his personality.