The Program of Intellectual and Health-Improvement One-Day Trip to Warsaw

The purpose: Health improvement and aesthetic development of children, expansion of children's outlook. Acquaintance with the history, traditions and culture of the people of the neighbour state, development and strengthening of good neighbourly relations.

Explanatory note: Visiting the Old City, the Royal highway, the Theatre square. A round-up excursion to the central part of the New City.

Visiting a sports complex " Water park " belonging to the charity fund "Warshawianka".

Experts in history, study of local lore, ecology, medicine, pedagogics and children's psychology took part in program development.
A trip to the familiar and unfamiliar Poland: an opportunity to get in touch with the history of the Polish state. Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, it is included into the number of cities-members of UNESCO cultural heritage. The Old City small streets are amazingly beautiful. The grandeur of the New City. The architecture combines successfully Gothic churches, Renaissance castles and pompous castle and park complexes in the style of classicism. The sports complex " Water park " belonging to the Polish charity fund " Warshawianka" kindly offers its pools, waterslides, artificial falls, jacuzzi baths, solarium and training halls to children.

Target group: 7-to 15-year-old children.

Executors of the program: history teachers, regional specialists, teachers - organizers.