The City Charity Action




It has been carried out for 6 years under the direction of a City House of pioneers and schoolchildren.

The tasks of this action consisted in rendering possible assistance of children to lonely old people in need and to children in orphan's homes.

The results of the action were summed up every 2 years.

June of 2001г. - the International Public Association " Charity to children " took an active part in summing up the results of the 2000-2001 charity action: they organized an informative trip to Warsaw for action winners. The joint trip has enabled the organizers to know the children better, to lay out further mutual cooperation as well as to get in touch with the history and traditions of the neighbour state, to get acquainted with the coevals and associates in Poland.

It is very important that already now in their youth the children's hearts are open for other people, that already now these children show a genuine care for those who require warm-heartedness and attention so much. The most active of them are children with charm and tenderness. With their juvenile wisdom they fully realize the tragedy of loneliness of old people and unparented orphans. Already now they do not want to put up with the existing situation. Together with the adults they try to change this world. It is important that the number of the children that are not indifferent would grow.