The Program of Health Improvement and Rest for Children in Bulgaria

The purpose: the Organization of health improvement and rest for 7- to 15-year-old children. Aesthetic development, expansion of children's outlook. Acquaintance with the history, traditions and culture of Bulgarian people, development and strengthening of friendship between children of different countries.

Explanatory note: Experts in history, study of local lore, ecology, medicine, pedagogics and children's psychology have taken part in the development of health improvement and rest program for children in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a real paradise for children, it is a brilliant opportunity of health improvement, rest and entertainment for children. The resort settlement Kranevo is a green oasis on the shore of the hospitable Black Sea. The advantageous combination of sea and mountain air works wonders. The salubrious seaside climate, wonderful nature, clean and quiet sea have the best influence upon the nervous system, respiratory ways and skin, on the children's organism as a whole. The wide beach strip is covered with a layer of fine clean sand. The beach gradually goes down to the sea and goes into an even sea-bottom. The shallow gulf in Kranevo is well warmed up, that's why the sea here is especially warm. The comfortable beach with waterslides, catamarans, yachts and scooters leaves no place for boredom. Children here are in the center of attention. It is to them that the efforts of the unanimous staff of tutors, culture and physical training workers, coaches and doctors are dedicated.
The lodging in hotel rooms for two, not far from the sea. Four meals a day in the hotel's restaurant.

Football field, basketball and volleyball playgrounds. The cultural - entertaining program on every day is specially developed. Fascinating excursions to ancient culture and present-day life. A unique atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality.
Happy rest, the most vivid impressions, unforgettable days and moments. The opportunity to have a real rest, to gain strength and energy for the whole year.

Target group: 7- to 15-year-old children.

Executors of the program:
teachers - organizers, guides, doctors.