At present too many events take place on the earth that bring suffering and psychological traumas to people. Refugees, forced immigrants, hostages, victims of explosions, fires, earthquakes, flooding - they can be met almost everywhere now and the number of such people does not diminish with time. All these events have their horrible effect on our children. The problem of health improvement and the possibility of full-grade development of children becomes more and more acute every day. The present day rising generation especially needs our care, warm-heartedness and attention.

Charity is necessary not only for disabled children, but also it is essential for healthy and talented ones. By means of our concern and assistance we can help them to show talents and present themselves, to raise their level in various spheres, to obtain some valuable advice from experienced teachers, as well as to share their achievements and to make new friends in various cities and countries of the world. Our assistance can surely change living standards of these children.  Due to our mutual support these children can get the fullest opportunities for development and growth in sport and creativity areas.

    The world requires bright, inquisitive and ingenuous children, those who will carry their shining sparkle throughout their life. Potential abilities of such children can contribute much to various fields of knowledge in different parts of the world, if all of us, irrespective of age, social grade and political views join our voices to the voices of those who advocate the better world for our children and therefore the better future.

   We must break a centuries-old vicious circle of poverty, violence, illnesses and discrimination, putting maximum effort and means into upbringing and moral health of children.

   We hope, that the information given on our site, will not leave you indifferent. We hope you will become our frequent visitor. We shall be glad to receive any suggestions from you that will help us to better organize the work of the site and the International Public Association " Charity to Children ".

With best regards,
The president of the International Public Association
" Charity to Children "

Halina Sakalova